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  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    Another observation.
    Under Orion's leadership, New Genesis might as well be Apokolips.
    I see Kirby’s Orion as a case study in Nature versus Nurture. Orion was always at war with himself, but his nurturing always won out in the end.
  • Re: Episode 1670 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Finally getting around to listening. So sorry, Chris. Best of luck going forward in what, at the very least, should hopefully be a less stressful life.

    Re: Diamond, trust me, they were just as difficult to deal with in the early ’90s when they still had competition. Becoming a monopoly didn’t really change them all that much from what I’ve experienced.
  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    I'm one of what I assume are probably only 5 or 6 NY Islander fans who live in Ohio. My son and I attended the Islanders - Blue Jackets game in Columbus last Friday night. We got blown out 5-0, so it pretty much sucked. Only positive of the whole night happened before the game started. My son and I are sitting there decked out in Islander gear about 6 rows behind their bench, amidst a sea of Columbus fans. This guy walks over to where we're sitting, introduces himself, hands us each an NYI button, and thanks us for supporting the team. The guy's name? Jon Ledecky, owner of the Islanders. Thought that was pretty cool.
    He's got to do everything he can to keep the team's fans, what with the arena debacle. Nice that he's making the effort at least.
  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    Looks great! Always ready for more Wes Anderson.
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Just got caught up on the last year or so of Astro City. It was mostly one- and two-part stories—with a larger story which pops up here and there—from various time periods. It's been a nice mix of characters familiar and new. Reading Astro City is a lot like being a comic book collector back in the ’70s: You read a few books the company is currently putting out, but because of spotty distribution, you might miss a few issues. At the same time you’re buying the reprint books and filling in the gaps in the continuity. In just a 100+ issues, Busiek and friends have built a universe with decades of history. Characters age and die, but can always be revisited. And the series is as good now as it’s ever been. I particularly liked the origin story of the Gentleman, but you can’t go wrong with any of it.