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  • Re: Episode 1665 Talkback - Better Call Sal

    From Sal's Facebook during his family trip to Disney!

    "Karen and I last night after we left the kids with the babysitting service at Disney world.""

    This scene is from It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! Did I get all the "Mad's"?
  • Re: Episode 1669 Talkback - Comic Talk

    So, @Pants ... you left us hanging with some unanswered questions:

    1) What did you decide to do about a new car? (Personally, of all the Facebook responses you listed, I thought the "Monkee Mobile" was the most clever)
    2) Did you win that online auction that was ending the night you recorded?
    3) What was the art that you won at the Stone Harbor auction?
    1) I'm getting a new vehicle. I liked one that I tested on Wednesday, but I'm still looking.
    2) Shortly after recording while still in the studio I was, thankfully, outbid.
    3) Two consecutive pages from a 90's Birds of Prey story with cool action images of Black Canary and Huntress.
    I went to after listening to the show. That IS a dangerous place!
  • Re: Episode 1660 Talkback - July 2017 Previews

    @pants @ShaneKelly

    This is also an acceptable pronounciation of Detroit. We were founded by the French.

  • Re: Episode 1652 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Here you go! Pick away! :smile: This could make a nice thread.

    Top 5 Underappreciated Creators
    Top 5 Partnerships
    Top 5 Star Wars Movie Moments
    Top 5 Annuals
    Top 5: Wild Card Round!
    Top 5 Comics Based on Licensed Properties
    Top 5 JSA Members
    Top 5 Christmas Gifts We Got As Kids
    Top 5 Marvel Series
    Top 5 Animals in Comics
    Top 5 Justice Leaguers
    Top 5 Avengers
    Top 5 Costumes
    Top 5 Original Graphic Novels
    Top 5 Dream Team-ups or Versus
    Top 5 Single Issue Stories
    Top 5 Christmas TV Specials
    Top 5 X-Men Dream Team Members
    Top 5 DC Series
    Top 5 Rivals
    Top 5 Origins
    Top 5 & Athena Voltaire with Steve Bryant
    Top Five Patriotic Characters
    Top 5 Comics for New Readers
    Top 5 Christmas Comic Stories
    Top 5 Comic TV Series We Want To See
    Top 5 Weapons
    Top 5 Cliffhangers
    Top 5 Comic Couples
    Top 5 Maxi-Series
    Top 5 Final Issues
    Top 5 Writers and Artists
    Top 5 Spider-man Stories
    Looking ahead to 2007
    Top 5 Magical Characters
    Top 5 Favorite Storylines
    Top 5 Artists Worthy of Wider Recognition
    Top 5 Cover Artists
    Top 5 Vehicles
    Top 5 Female Heroes
    Top 5 Headquarters
    Top 5 First Issues
    Top 5 Villains
    Top 5 Favorite Artists and Writers
    Top 5 Comic Runs
    Top 5 Miniseries

  • Re: Episode 1653 Talkback - Off the Racks Review on 'The Button'

    I wasn't planning to read this and started listening to the episode but I might pick up the issues now and finish later to follow along. DC should send these guys a sales commission!