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  • James Dallessandro Sr. has passed at 74, Jamie D's father.

    Unfortunately over the holiday Jamie D's father James passed on Friday November 24th. Jamie D always talked about him on the show. He had been having some health issues over the last few months with strokes. Always felt he was part of the show for me. RIP.

    Here's Jamie's sister's, Shana's Facebook page if you want to leave a message.
  • Crazy prices on digital trades on Amazon-Comixology-Kindle (Amazon Sale) - Digital Bin-diving!

    So Amazon owns Comixology right? Well it seems like there is a difference in pricing for comic trades via Amazon versus Comixology.

    This week on Monday I bought Planet Hulk on sale for $7.99. Woo-hoo! I thought I had a great deal for a digital version. Well fast forward to Wednesday and I see it for $2.99 on Amazon/Kindle! Yes $2.99! I contacted Comixology customer service and they wrote the following:

    Hi there, John.

    We are a separate store than the Kindle store so prices can vary. Due to the nature of our store all sales are final and we don't generally offer refunds or exchanges. However, as a one time exception we've refunded the difference.

    Best Regards,

    So they refunded my $5 and today Planet Hulk is $5 on Amazon and on Comixology today it's $24.99. And you can read both on Comixology. When you buy off Amazon look for the buy now and read on Comixology symbol on the Amazon page for the book.

    Another example is Infinity Gauntlet is $10.99 on Comixology and $2.20 on Amazon and it says you can read it on Comixology.

    Night Nurse $7.99 on Comixology and $1.60 on Amazon and can be read on Comixology. Yes, Night Nurse.

    Warlock by Jim Starlin $14.99 on Comixology and on Amazon it's $3.00! THREE DOLLARS! I just got the paper trade so I might get this too.

    I also saw like the first six volumes of Exiles ranging from $2-3 per trade. I can replace my floppies for like $20.

    So my bottomline is that if you see some collections you want on Comixology and even if it's on sale go to Amazon and check the price there. You might save yourself a few bucks. I saw nothing that indicated these were sale prices but maybe I will go back and check in a month. With Marvel Unlimited and now Marvel on Comixology Unlimited maybe digital trades will keep dropping?

    Maybe you guys can take a look for some trades you have been thinking about getting digitally and posts the difference in prices here. Once I get my bills paid this weekend I am going to hit this hard.

    FYI @brydeemer
  • Re: Murd's Time Bubble: The Twenty-Eighth Time Talkback

    Maybe it's time somebody applies the concept of SORAS to Franklin and Valeria Richards. Cassie Lang passed them up! :smile: They use SORASA for sitcoms too. Family Ties and The Fresh Prince used the concept.
  • Re: Episode 1646 Talkback - Spotlight on SHAZAM! in the Golden Age, Part Three

    @Adam_Murdough burning the midnight oil!!! I just finished the first two again and this chapter. I can't wait for the Atomic Age chapter. In fact I will not even read up on the subject of the demise of the Marvels and Fawcett before then so I can enjoy your take.

    Some thoughts I have about Captain Marvel and the Marvels are that I can see why they were doing so well compared to Superman. I think it deals with wish fulfillment for kids. I can see why a kid would enjoy reading about some kids can become a super-hero by uttering a word immediately. With Superman you have to come from another planet and THEN grow-up to be Superman.

    The fact that they had two other heroes stayed kids when they changed helps. I think this is similar to the strategy that Marvel (the company) is utilizing now. Looking at the new Champions they are all kids and they are junior versions of established heroes. I don't think Marvel Comics strategy has been as successful because of where the comic market is today.

    I can't wait to hear the details of the lawsuit. I am having a hard time seeing how National/DC won this case. The Marvels were such a different take on comics. More comically based on the synopsis of the issues. Captain Marvel Jr and Mary Marvel predated Superboy and Supergirl.

    Hopefully the story of how Marvel Comics nabbed the use of Captain Marvel will be addressed. Winning the lawsuit kind of bit DC in the ass on this aspect.
  • Re: Marvel Comic Codes

    I went to a comic shop today to treat myself to some physical comics. I got the last five issues of the new Champions. So with 2-5 I get the digital code for the comics. And with issue 6 I got the three collected editions. They are the Inhumans, X-Factor and I forgot the third.

    I was thumbing through another issue of a comic I didn't get and I noticed it was the second trade for Power Man and Iron Fist. Now that's something I wouldn't mind having. I can see myself hitting dollar bins and snatching a comic to get a code for a trade that I would normally pay $10-15 for digitally.