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"You can ignore reality, but can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." Ayn Rand


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  • Re: Marvel Studios Marvel’s Phase 3 Announcements

    So interesting that Captain Marvel is going to fight the Skrulls since I thought they were still owned by Fox.
    I thought this was an interesting aspect as well. However, it turns out that, like Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, the Skrulls are licensed to both Marvel and Fox for specific uses. James Gunn (director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films and seeming expert on all things cosmic in the MCU) took to Twitter last summer to try and explain the rights issues to fans. He explained that the Skrulls were an official part of the MCU now. Though there are some specific Skrulls (such as the Fantastic Four antagonist the Super Skrull) that are strictly Fox properties, but the race itself is available to both Fox and Marvel:

    Read that Twitter thread here.
  • Re: The Daily "MOHOTMU"

    Was this post by Jim Shooter ever discussed here? It's enlightening as to the origins of OHOTMU
  • Re: Wonder Woman (spoilers)-- Seen it? Discuss it here.

    I LOVED the movie though. Very inspiring. Now Marvel needs to invest HARD in Captain Marvel. It actually has something to LIVE UP TO instead of shooting to set the bar in the first place.
    Marvel will not be able to live up to Wonder Woman. She is part of DC's trinity of legacy characters. I've seen her image on everything from lunch boxes to Saturday morning cartoons since I was of an age to remember. Add to that the extremely popular Lynda Carter series, and her being a feminist icon for decades. The bar for female super hero movies has been set beyond reach with his exceptional movie. And while Marvel has already featured all of their biggest characters to varying degrees of success , for DC, a WW film has been embarrassingly long overdue.

    Besides, Captain Marvel is barely a blip on the radar globally and will be a far more difficult sell. Her character isn't nearly as universally known as Diana Prince. I'm not saying they can't do a good story with Carol Danvers, nor am I saying they shouldn't bother, but it will be a miracle if it is able to put up even Doctor Strange or Ant-Man BO numbers. She may have a more impressive power set than Diana, but Carol doesn't have same legendary icon status. As far as I'm concerned, this was the last big hit for solo character films for the DCEU, and frankly Marvel doesn't have anything beyond Black Panther that could do as big of numbers that isn't a sequel. For that matter, I don't even expect Ant-Man & The Wasp or Spider-Man Homecoming to do bigger box office. Avengers and Justice League are a different matter.

    That said, Captain Marvel can potentially be a great story and I hope Marvel continues to bring their A-game with her debut, but Wonder Woman will not be matched overall by any other female hero movie - in my estimation. I'd be happy to hear of any other female superhero character film properties that you guys think could pull his off though, and I hope there are many more on the horizon, if for nothing else, to brighten up the hearts of girls worldwide to be better people and live up to their full potential. My daughter and I both enjoyed it far more than we expected to.

    Thank you Patty Jenkins, DC/WB, and Gail Gadot.
  • Re: Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 - Spoiler Discussion Thread

    And how they really leaned into the creepiness of the CG de-aging.
    De-aging is Marvel Studios favorite toy in the box right now.
    It's a great toy.
    Best one for me so far was Michael Douglas in Ant-man.

    I understood the de-aging in this one to be mostly reliant on make-up instead of Being CGI-heavy. It was flawless.
  • Re: Episode 1647 Talkback - Off the Racks: Nova #1, Supergirl: Being Super #1, & WW '77/Bionic Woman #1

    Hmm. Making wedding plans, Adam?