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  • Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers. Seen it? Discuss it here.)

    Some questions for you:

    1. Why wouldn't Disney/Lucasfilm, like most movie studios, insist on their actors signing agreements to not disparage their film and also have a way to enforce that if they don't comply?

    2. Why wouldn't Disney/Lucasfilm want to continue to use Hamill in future Star Wars related projects? You think two days of Force ghosts shoots is all they will consider him for?

    Don't underestimate the power of Disney, David.

    Sure, Hamill has been all over the place with his mixed feelings about this portrayal, but if I identified with his earlier concerns and responses that he repeatedly shared after shooting the movie, it doesn't alter my opinion to hear that he has slightly back-peddled. Just as it didn't alter yours to know he was not down with the portrayal before. And not because I think Disney is twisting his arm to back-pedal, he can change his mind, but because his initial response resonated with me.

    Everyone is entitled to change their mind. Several times if they so desire.

    I actually got to meet Mr. Hamill when he was in my town shooting a pretty forgetable movie with Kristy McNichol and Dennis Quaid about 6 months Empire came out. He was a somewhat regular guy, maybe a bit eccentric, but quite affable and really excited to be a part of Star Wars. It meant a lot to him.

    I'm sure that hasn't changed.
  • Re: Crisis Tapes 16 Talkback: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Part 1

    That's awful, @Pants. Had no idea.
  • Re: February 2018 Comics Solicitations (December Previews) | What Looks Good?

    Thanos: The Infinity Siblings - Ah, Marvel Cosmic as it should be.
    Thankfully Jim Starlin had turned in all of his scripts before his fallout with Tom Brevoort happened, leading to Starlin's departure from Marvel.
  • Re: Episode 1681 Talkback - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

    FYI: Neither this episode, nor the special episode of Murd's reading of 'Christmas Bells' by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow are showing up in the CGS iTunes feed.
  • Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers. Seen it? Discuss it here.)


    Oh wait! I finally think I may have gotten the layered nuance and symbolism that Rian Johnson was going for. Let me see that scene again...

    I think the symbolism here is that Disney/Lucasfilm is the 4-titted, disgusting space walrus, Luke Skywalker is us, you and me, the happy consumers guzzling down their milk, and Rey is my childhood fondness for this franchise looking on in bewildered, sad disbelief at what is happening.