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"You can ignore reality, but can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." Ayn Rand


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  • Re: Justice League Movie | News and Speculation

    So one of the brew ha's is Henry Cavill can't shave the mustache he has for MI:6

    Sounds like a shitload of money could be saved by Cesar Romero-ing it.
    Good grief. I thought one of the main tropes of Mission Impossible was being able to put people in disguises. They can't put a fake mustache on Henry? Gimmie a break.
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Just got caught up on Saga by reading four trades in a row. Sorry to all of you who are tired of hearing it, but Saga is simply the best freaking comic out there.
    IMO Saga is over-rated.

    Fiona is one of the best artists in the comic business right now, but what she does here is just a bit too minimalist for me. Brian K Vaughan is good at compressed storytelling, but there are so many random ideas (War! Politics! Sex! Parenthood! Racism! Robots! Dragons!) it never seems to make a harmonic whole and it's messy. Cereal commercials? Emos? Terms and references to our world IRL? And BKV proudly overuses his cliches. For instance: how many characters have been shot mid-sentence?

    Sure, the characters are unique, but the stories are a mess and the plot never seems to go anywhere. The protagonists run from unknown dangers, without any sense of progress. There's just enough there to galvanize liberal comics readers without angering the conservative ones too much. The book's politics are very much on-the-nose and frankly not to my taste at all.

    Saga is an ambitious project, but rather mediocre in execution. I barely remember it after I close the book. Obviously YMMV.


    Here's a recent review by Diversity & Comics that may introduce people who are unfamiliar with the book or the ideology of the creators of it:


  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    I could do without the FF analog. All I need is Lemire + Plastic Man + decent artist or Lemire + Metamorpho + decent artist or Lemire + good artist, and I'll give it a shot.
    I'm fine with just Lemire, but icing on the cake is a welcome indulgence
  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    Having Plastic Man on a team with Metamorpho is kind of redundant. 'Morpho can do pretty much anything Plas can do, plus a whole lot more. One of my first comics was the Brave & the Bold with both of them teaming up with Batman, and I loved the competitiveness they had in the story, but that would get old pretty quick. Still, they're two of my favorite characters (I have a sketchbook that's all Plastic Man), and it's Jeff Lemire with a good artist, so I'll be giving it a try.
    Jeff Lemire + good artist + Plastic Man + Fanastic Four analog = "DC take my money"
  • Re: Thor: Ragnarok | Movie News

    It was pitch perfect.