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Lenticular covers are the new chromium covers


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  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    Initially, it looks like Discovery pulled in 8.1 million viewers. Up against football (even a terrible game) and the instant classic "Who shot Biggie and Tupac" on Fox, 8.1 million is decent.

    I have seen a production cost range anywhere from 6 to 8.5 million per episode (which may be wrong altogether). So if roughly half the initial audience signs up for the streaming service at the $6 rate, you cover the estimated production costs at the lowest end of the scale. Not including advertising costs.

    4 mill viewers x $6 a month = 24 mill
    6 mill an episode x 4 episodes a month = 24 mill.
    Also it's been pre-sold elsewhere. For example, in the UK it's a "NETFLIX ORIGINAL".
    Am I just a cheapskate who can’t afford $10 month?

    No, but I am someone who already subscribes to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. If I’m going to add anything else to that list, you had better besure I’m going to get value out of it, and I cannot see that happening with one CBS show they’ve decided to make impossible to view elsewhere in the U.S.

    The Star Trek issue is frustrating because this is the first time I’ve actually been interested in a CBS show since Supergirl. The network may still put up big numbers for many of its shows, but their audience is aging quickly. A few years ago, reports said the average CBS viewer was 55. Soon, that will be 60, if not already.

    Star Trek was a chance to get younger viewers watching the channel for the first time in ages. The production value is fantastic, the cast is great and it appears to scratch the Star Trek itch for many fans. But it’s crazy to me to finally have a show that appeals to a younger demographic, and hide it behind a paywall. Yes, the younger crowd is used to paying for streaming services, but almost no one ever signs up for just one show. Oh, and did I mention that there's a $6 tier of CBS All Access that still includes ads?

    Sure, Netflix and HBO are a bit more expensive than CBS All Access, but I’m watching many, many exclusive shows, miniseries and movies across those services every year, making the price worthwhile. For CBS, there is literally nothing else I care to watch on All Access (the complete collection of The Big Bang Theory isn't doing it for me) and there's no way I’m going to pay $72/120 a year to a channel I never watch for one exclusive show that finally managed to catch my interest.

    Will I ever watch Discovery in full? I have no idea. If it’s ever for sale by itself, I’ll pick it up, and I know international viewers are actually getting the show on Netflix. But CBS really took a wrong turn here, taking one of their most promising shows in ages and locking it into one of the most unappealing subscription services I’ve seen. There are ways for old media companies to adapt to the new media landscape, but CBS is doing it poorly, and I will be amazed if Discovery gets anything even approaching a respectable viewership locked in a tower like this. This was a bad call that I hope is reversed down the road.
  • Re: A Comic Cover A Day (is awesome)

    My #5 oldest comic (that was bought off the stands for me before the age of 5)...

    Avengers #60, on stands 11/12/68
    Pencils: John Buscema
    Inks: George Klein
    (Per GCD, there were alterations on Ringmaster's face and arm by John Romita.)

    This is the earliest Avengers I had as a kid. I actually don't remember owning the individual issue, but there's a family picture where the top of it is peeking out from under our toybox. However, I still loved this story, as it appeared in the Avengers Treasury Edition. I bought that Treasury off the stands a few years later.

    Not my original copy below -- likely, the original went into the trash before I was old enough to focus on saving my comics.

    One of my favorites. Love the classic floating head covers from Buscema and the bullpen in that era.
  • Re: The Music Thread

    Speaking of near perfect cut-off and prog-rock group YES, '90125' is near-perfect, just way too short and a bit too slick for my tastes. I'm also a bit sentimental for it since it was their first album I owned. It's certainly no 'Fragile' or 'Close to the Edge,' but the group radically reinvented itself with the same producer as Frankie Goes to Hollywood and reached new levels of commercial and artistic achievement in the process.

  • Re: Marvel on Netflix- DD, JJ, LC, IF and Defenders (non-spoiler)

    Punisher Trailer - no release date, although they kind of tease it so it is going to be released in 2017 (check the ending).

    Looks gritty. Looks good. Love the use of Metallica's 'One'. Marvel has been on-point with their music selections to promote their properties for a while. And am I the only one who thinks they caught a glimpse of Ed Harris in this?
  • Re: Netflix Marvel's The Defenders (Spoilers- Please Mark By Episode)

    I'm about 3/4 of the way through. I think they could have replaced Finn Jones with this guy


    and the show wouldn't miss a beat.
    The colors are right at least.
    Definitely a better costume