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  • Re: Episode 1621 Talkback - Comic Talk - Improv Edition

    Yes, it's clear that all of this tension and snapping is just a roundabout way of saying we are ALL bummed that no one confirmed for @ShaneKelly that Speed Reader was indeed part of "The Great Space Coaster" show.
    Thank you. :smile:
  • Re: Episode 1627 Talkback - Story Time with Uncle Sal

    About a half hour into it. @ShaneKelly ... I'm with you on this whole water bottle flipping thing. My 13 year old does it non-stop. It's this guy's fault, btw ...

  • Re: Episode 1627 Talkback - Story Time with Uncle Sal

    Haven't listened yet, but I know of the water bottle flipping thing from my son and his friends...and my question is, did we do nothing stupid that irritated our parents?

    In the grand scheme of stupid, its pretty innocuous.
    @ Chris, I am sure we did but still wow!

    @hauberk, it is but... I think it is the sound it makes which gets to me. As I am getting older certain sound really bother me. This is top of the list right now. LOL.
  • Re: Episode 1562 Talkback - Previews

    I asked the same thing of Murd when we logged on. He is not in a bathroom. There is a just a sink in the room he was in.
  • Re: Episode 1558 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Get your DVRs, or in Murd's case VCR, ready.
    Now I'm imagining Murd and Shane playing out the scene in City Slickers where Mitch is trying to explain to Phil how to tape something while watching something else. Deemer, of course, would be Ed.

    Murd: It's nothing to be ashamed of - I had the same problem.

    Shane: Didn't you feel stupid; I mean, didn't you feel... inadequate?

    Murd: Yeah, for a while, but then I overcame it. Can I explain it to you again? I mean now promise me you won't get upset.

    Shane: O.K.; it's not gonna to do any good.

    Murd: O.K., if you want to watch one show but record another show at the same time, the television set does not have to be on channel 3.

    Shane: Yeah it does.

    Murd: No it doesn't.

    Shane: It does.

    Murd: No, if you're watching what you're recording, then it has to be on 3.

    Shane: What... the TV or... or the machine?

    Murd: The TV.

    Shane: You're saying I can record something I'm not even watching?

    Murd: Yes, that's the point. You don't even need a TV to record.

    Shane: How would I see it?

    Murd: Well to see it you need a TV.

    Deemer: Shut up! Just shut up! He doesn't get it! He'll never get it! It's been 4 hours! The cows can tape something by now! Forget about it please!

    Shane: How do you do the clock?

    Deemer: You're dead. You are dead.

    While I laughed, you have this backward. Bryan would be the same but I think I I would be explaining to conure how to record via DVR.

    I know he knows how to do it. Is VCR and I don't even own a VCR any ore LOL.

    I love City Slickers , :)