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  • Re: Episode 1660 Talkback - July 2017 Previews

    Aside from the usual good recommendations and nice lists of what the Geeks were getting, I found some other amusing things in this episode. 1) Even though Chris was not there, Shane did several of his "Ohhhh!" reactions to different things. 2) Pants kept mentioning how low his order was, but always seem to question if Shane was actually trying to keep his order low or not. Haha! 3) Murd's order list was quite similar to mine, except for some obvious differences -- mostly those books dealing with funny animals (My Little Pony, etc.) or Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Thanks for the episode guys!!

    I always start out making my order up with just about anything I would like to get. Which is always epic amounts of dollars. Then I trim it to what is realistic. Sometimes I end up trimming even more. It averages 20 to 30 individual books. With this twice months shipping stuff it is difficult.

    Generally speaking I regularly order:

    Batgirl (1)
    Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (1)
    Batman (2)
    Detective Comics (2)
    Blue Beetle (1)
    Justice League (2)
    Justice league of America (2)
    Titans (1)

    Star Wars (1)
    Darth Vader (1)
    Doctor Aphra (1)
    Poe Dameraon (1)

    Back Issue

    Now added Mister Miracle. Lately has also been Motor Girl, STTNG: Mirror Broken and M.A.S.K. related books.

    Once in a while a trade, OGN, or Hardback. However, even those I have slowed down with.

  • Re: Episode 1649 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Thanks Ian!
  • Re: Episode 1649 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Thank you BionicDave!
  • Re: Episode 1649 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Good to hear your voice again, @ShaneKelly. Glad things are going relatively well for you after your loss.
    Thank you! It was good to be back!
  • Re: Episode 1638 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Great discussions here everyone!

    Side note which I never stated on the show. I always considered the Marvel digital codes a bonus too. I am just disappointed with this direction now.

    Having the digital codes from DC won't make me buy any more titles either. Especially with how limited it will be, it is just a bonus now too.

    Thanks for chiming in everyone. :smile: