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  • Re: Episode 1638 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Great discussions here everyone!

    Side note which I never stated on the show. I always considered the Marvel digital codes a bonus too. I am just disappointed with this direction now.

    Having the digital codes from DC won't make me buy any more titles either. Especially with how limited it will be, it is just a bonus now too.

    Thanks for chiming in everyone. :smile:
  • Re: Episode 1612 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Maybe Shane can help write the next movie ;)
    @ShaneKelly's input would probably be a vast improvement :)
    LOL, I wish it would be. I really wanted to love this movie. I really did love Days of Future Past. Just as soon as that part toward the end happened and I thought to myself, WHAT!?! Quicksilver isn't going to say anything! NOW?!? ugh and a face-palm.
  • Re: Episode 1561 Talkback - DC's Convergence Event, Part 1

    Now I read all the way through Earth 2 and Earth 2 World's End to get to Convergence. It helped in that I could follow some characters who were not part of the main Earth 2 title. However, this only applied to the main Convergence mini series. All the 2 part minis ( of which I have read all the number ones and two or three of the second issues ) Really did not rely on any build up at all. Even the issues I did not like I still liked seeing these characters again. I still think Convergence as an event felt rushed, not as well planned or told as I was hoping.

    I said it in the show and I will state it here. For me, this was one last time visiting all the DC characters I grew up reading in new stories. Now was I hoping for something to come out of this which would feature some of the characters from days gone by. I sure was. Since that isn't happening the direction these characters are going in doesn't interest me. I am looking forward to tackling some titles I have never taken the time to read. Like All-Star Squadron, Infinity Inc, Five Years later Legion, even Batman and the Outsiders. If you like what is happening in DC and Marvel then more power to you and I will be happy when someone says to me, "hey, check out Batman or Superman now. Check how awesome Marvel is again. Remember how excited we were for DC stuff in the 80's or Marvel's Avengers when Busiek and Perez took over in the late 90's."

    Comics are still great. I will still be getting some but story and price have a great impact on how I purchase my books.

    Now there are some saying how much we, I more than most lately, discuss the cost of the comics. Cost of an average comic bugs me. It is my opinion nothing more. Here are some quick calculations if my math is right from nine years ago (when I started ordering via Mail Order) until now...

    2006: The average cost of a book is $2.50, example JSA #83.
    2015: The average cost of a book is $3.99, example Justice League #40.

    This is a 59% increase on 9 years. Now I know there are some I get which are $2.99 and some which are $4.99. I went with the bulk of what I see just off the top of my head.

    Now, I do order most stuff via DCBS. Their discounts are great and the bundles are spectacular. This is not a commercial, just expressing fact. I can buy more from ordering via mail. The point is made above that you can still get affordable comics. This is true to to a certain extent. I would never have been able to get as much and read as much as I have had it not been for mail order.

    However, another quick calculation on the discount prices...

    2006: $1.79
    2015: $2.39

    This is 33% increase. Still great and still less of an increase than the actual cover price.

    Here is where the cranky old man in me comes out. The get off my lawn you crazy kids guy. At $2.39 I am almost to the $2.50 price point which started me looking at ordering comics via mail order in the first place.

    This is the nature of business. To make money. Prices go up year after year on everything, not just comics. We all know this. It just bothers me, my opinion, that I am close to the threshold of $2.50 which prompted me to seek a cheaper way to buy comics in the first place.
  • Re: Murd's Time Bubble - The Twenty-Fourth Time Talkback

    Really, really enjoying the 24th time @Adam_Murdough - thanks for returning to this time period to share your thoughts on the stack. Excellent appearance by @ShaneKelly to be sure. You can tell Shane is a serious fan of DC, perhaps even especially the era being discussed. I don't blame him either. Those were heady days. Hope Shane joins the Time Bubble again... In the future.
    Thanks! I really did love this era of DC books!

    Starman, JSA, and JLA at this time were the top of my list.
  • Re: Episode 1551 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Ok so here's the problem with comparing Flash and Daredevil. Two entirely different approaches to a show. One is written for commercial breaks, one is not. One is made for a network TV environment one is not. Flash as a character is a brighter setting, story, and whether Barry or Wally has a more optimistic view of the world. Daredevil is darker, street level, and deals with the under belly of the world. While DD tries to save his city he has no illusions of how bad the world is.

    Also, and this is just me. Daredevil is not for my boys yet. Nope , no way. Where as Flash, they are loving it and I can watch it with them.

    Now don't get me wrong, I am loving both shows. However, it is unfair to say Flash is too TV and almost silly while praising Daredevil as the greatest thing because of how dark, violent, and real it is.