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  • Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers. Seen it? Discuss it here.)

    Yes, how dare they do something NEW in a NEW Star Wars film. They should just remake A New Hope 17 times in a row.
    Am so sick of people defending this film by saying "you don't like it, so that means: 1) You hate new things and risk-taking!; and/or 2) You hate diversity!; and/or 3) You don't know story structure and drama!"

    For the record... I am a gay Jew who comes from an extremely liberal family in a big, multicultural city. I am more "diverse" than not, and I appreciate any skillful efforts to improve our stories and our real world with diverse people and diverse perspectives as much as humanly possible. While I can love commercial success stories like the Star Wars franchise, obviously - I have spent my life embracing stories, cultures, habits and viewpoints which are outside the norm, and do not adhere to corporate formulas. I owe my very personality and my love for life to taking risks and trying new things. Lastly, I've spent years writing and producing in Hollywood, and I've even been lucky enough to win awards for writing drama.

    So, if you're going to defend "The Last Jedi" by attacking me instead of my honest criticisms of this movie which made a ton of bad choices? Just know that, aside from how pathetic that is, your attacks are as flatout wrong as they are irrelevant.
    Sorry, I wasn't trying to dump on you personally. It's just that I'm really sick of the "It's not the Star Wars I grew up with ...." razmatzz. That's the kind of thinking that allowed OMD to happen.

    The fact is; I like that Rei isn't part of the Skywalker legacy. This means anyone can be a Jedi, not just those with Jedi DNA. I like that Snoke is dead, he wasn't an interesting character. I like that Luke failed in restarting the Jedi order because if you noticed, there is a real hubristic motif running throughout all of Star Wars.
  • Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoilers. Seen it? Discuss it here.)

    I am legit depressed.

    I hated this movie.

    I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Star Wars OG. I was 7 years old in 1977 when ANH blew my little mind. I excitedly went home from TESB in 1980 so I could put my Han Solo figure in a cup of water in the freezer and play carbonite. After 1983’s ROTJ, I had a Star Wars Saga-themed bar mitzvah. The prequels, a mix of awful and mediocre with chunks of inspiration, were a shock to me, yes; another example of Star Wars "subverting expectations" :confused: But there is a huge difference between ruining the past of something you love and ruining its future. The latter is far worse. And for me – that's just what TLJ did.

    I had nagging problems with TLJ from the opening titles and all throughout its 2.5 hours; small problems, large problems. While certain scenes had slick direction, and some of the acting was strong, the story... the story was a mess. And as of its funereal conclusion, I now find myself having no reason to see Episode IX. All of the human characters/actors I loved are now dead. The droids and Wookiee I loved have been disrespected and shunted aside by new producers who have absolutely no desire to play them. Boy, that Rian Johnson sure did "subvert expectations!" I never expected to walk out of a Star Wars movie feeling awful.

    Despite this, I still made myself see TLJ again, two days later. I owed it to this franchise I've invested a life’s worth of dreams in, to see if maybe a second viewing would rectify enough of it for me. Sadly, nothing changed. I wish I liked this movie. I am so deeply envious of the many Star Wars fans who do. But this movie ended it for me. It seriously feels like the love of my life just dumped me during the holidays.

    There is a light of hope for me, though. I've somehow made it to 2017 without ever having seen or a read a Harry Potter story! lol Maybe I can replace Star Wars with this franchise, to last me for the next half of my life? Let me know if Harry Potter (or any other franchise) is a good place for me to go now.
    Yes, how dare they do something NEW in a NEW Star Wars film. They should just remake A New Hope 17 times in a row.
  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    For those of you who don't remember the advice from the movie Mallrats, here's a reminder about wedding proposals.

  • Re: A Comic Cover A Day (is awesome)

    Did John Byrne somehow rip-off himself?


  • Re: On Having to Pre-Order Comics to Save Them (or "Die Industry, Die!")

    Wasn't a pre-vampire Jubilee also Night Thrasher for a bowl of cereal?