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  • The CGS Tumblr

    This sub-forum seemed like the appropriate place to drop this:

    I started the CGS Tumblr around the tenth anniversary as a Behind the Scenes Feature. Only got nine episodes in but always planning on returning to it. Enjoy!
  • Re: The Netflix Thread --- Whatcha watching?

    "End of the F***ing World" on Netflix is based on the mini-comics from comics creator Chuck Forsman.

    Chuck was a CGS listener back in the 'casts early episodes. He was featured in a random Call Me segment while he was shopping with his girlfriend. Even back then he talked about wanting to get into comics. He attended the Center for Cartoon Studies and is now a three-time Ignatz Award winner.

    From mini-comics to Netflix. That's awesome.
  • Re: DC's "Ten Moments That Mattered In 2017" (Spoilers)

    I've been watching/rewatching all of DC's cartoons from the beginning and I just got to the Batman live action TV show so I decided to branch off into that. It'll be the first time watching in order and every episode (I've only seen maybe 10-13 in full). The first episode alone was impressive in how deep in Batman lore it went. I'm looking forward to finally investing in that show.
  • Re: Help with a recommendation?

    Black Panther by Christopher Priest. Which Marvel has entirely collected in trades. Smart, ensemble cast of characters (supporting and guest-stars), great use of various villains and tells a large story similar to Robinson's Starman, where you can read it as a whole but also as smaller storylines.
  • Re: Crisis Tapes 16 Talkback: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Part 1

    Re: the footnotes to “see this issue”, Crisis crossovers were completely optional, left up to the respective creative teams as to whether they would cooperate or not. While Marv was hoping everyone would jump on board and participate, initially no one was interested in doing so. Eventually most of the other creators decided to play along, but that's why it took so long for other “see this issue” footnotes to show up.
    No doubt on all that. But the larger point was how Crisis sometimes gets blamed for being a shill for other DC books. And yet we're 4 issues in and it's not blatant at all (yet?). This issue had no editor footnotes and yet the three sequences we brought up (Constantine, Shining Knight, Wonder Woman) could thematically connect to other titles in that same general release, and yet do it in a way events should do it: pique curiosity. You don't need those other titles, it's just a tour around the DCU.

    Clearly Wolfman was informed about what was going on in those other books so that he could use that status quo for his story. And since the entire event takes place in DC's "future" at that time, it makes sense that the companion titles around issue 4 aren't touching on the story just yet. A device that is going on in Doomsday Clock right now.

    We'll get honest "go read this" editor footnotes soon enough, but for the first arc, it's been relatively organic.
    As for Batgirl and Supergirl meeting and talking or whatever, I fondly remember a couple of issues of World's Finest where (though they certainly were in the backseat compared to Superman or Batman) they seemed to know each other fairly well. Off the top of my head, World's Finest #176 (August 1968) pops into mind. Drawn by Neal Adams! How well they knew each other may be an assumption on my part. Probably when I was a kid, I thought all the super heroes knew each other!
    It's odd to me that I barely read ANY Batgirl stories pre-Crisis. To me, she's Barbara Gordon first, Oracle second, Batgirl third. I was reading Supergirl in the early 80s, but the only "Batgirl" comic I read was a Detective Comics story where she was Barbara Gordon.

    I have a second copy of Crisis issue #1 that I got signed by George Perez and will eventually have Marv Wolfman sign too (work in progress). I would be honored if I could mail it to you so that you and Peter could sign it before I frame it. To me, the two of you are as important to that book as anyone else who worked on it.
    James! High praise indeed! Has Adam responded to this in an email yet?

    I finally get to use my education, biology, on the CGS Forums! ...
    Thanks for the clarification!