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  • Re: Iron Fist on Netflix (Spoilers - Please label by episode)

    I watched the entire season. And I really liked it a lot. I'd rank the shows like this, Dare Devil Season 1, Iron Fist, Jessica, Dare Devil Season 2, Luke Cage.

    I think around the 4th episode it feels like the big plot really starts which I think is fine. The first 3 episodes are about learning who these characters are? But once it swings into the main story it gets really good. The fighting I thought was really good and it needed to be, because of what Iron Fist is about.

    Big Spoilers for episodes 1 - 13 from here own out. Please don't read if you haven't finished the show and intend on doing so.

    I liked the Hand in this much more than in Season 2 of DD. Madam Gao instantly jumped up to top 3 villains across all of these shows. Right behind Kingpin and Killgrave. And when she used her powers to throw Danny it was like "Oh Crap" lol.

    I liked Danny and the actor playing him. And understanding he is nowhere near as strong as he can be and is still learning. I thought all his fight scenes where awesome and anytime he charged his Fist it was exciting. And I liked that they put a limitation on him using that punch.

    I liked Coleen to and I really liked her and Danny's relationship. It's rare in this shows that characters just get together. I thought her fight scenes where pretty good to. Her being trained by The Hand and that story was interesting. And her believing Bakuto at first I think is believable? He simply tricked her for most of her life.

    Bakuto was interesting because you could believe maybe he was leading a "good" version of The Hand. I think it's more that he is like Gao except Gao is basically honest and doesn't try and pretend.

    But Bakuto was more about trickery and getting these kids he's taken off the street to care enough about him so that they'll do whatever he wants. Actually he reminds of the Shredder from the first Ninja Turtles Movie lol.

    Madam Gao was awesome and her history is very interesting. It seems like she is ancient and immortality like several members of The Hand are. And maybe even more so? And she's clearly been to the place Danny trained at. I expect her to be in the Defenders? And she did mention "my Master" in an episode. So theirs definitely someone above her which is interesting.

    Wade's story was good and it was very clear he was like he was because of his father. And I called it very early on that he and Joy would switch in regards to who's a "Bad guy" and the way it ended I definitely think Joy will be an adversary to Danny.

    Harold was interesting, because you definitely knew he was not a good guy and probably had something to do with the plane crash, but then they would try and confuse you. Like when he killed that guy who hurt Joy. And then your like "maybe he's not that bad?" LoL. But he definitely was.

    I honestly forgot about the guy who could resurrect in DD. But when they mentioned that they brought Harold back to life, I immediately thought of that and Elektra. That's definitely what they will do with her.

    Things I didn't like where I thought the episodes length was maybe to long? Every episode was like 54 minutes long and that's a lot of time to fill. And the Joy and Wade scenes at the company I just didn't care about.

    I think all of these shows have some flaws but overall I have liked every season of all of these shows. I'm looking forward to The Defenders.

  • Re: The Netflix Thread --- Whatcha watching?

    Right now watching Love Season 2. It's funny enough. I liked Community and Gillian Jacobs is in this and I like her. I feel like it's better than Season 1.

    And I watched Trollhunters recently and I liked that. The main character can be stupid at points but still decent.
  • Re: TV News: Flash

    This episode was good in parts but stupid in others.

    Basically everything in the Speed Force was good. Cool seeing Eddie, Ronnie, The Black Flash, Snart, and Jay. That stuff was good. Jay having to take Wally's place would suck if they of course weren't going to save him.

    But Jessie going after Savitar and her hurting him was OK. I am super happy she left. I don't mind her it's just 2 Speedsters on the good guy side is plenty.

    But the terrible part was the ending. CW legitimately has zero idea how to write good relationship stuff across all of the DC Shows.

    They just don't write any realism in their relationships at all. Nobody on Earth would do or react the way they do in this Universe. It's just ridiculous and is the worst part about The Flash, Arrow, Legends, Supergirl.
  • Re: TV News: Flash

    This show really has lost it's way. All this melo drama is driving me crazy.

    When they mentioned that Savitar was in the Speedforce and that's where they threw stone. OMG Hand to forehead moment. Literally everyone talked about that when it happened and said how stupid it was to put the Stone there. And it turns out yes that was incredibly stupid.

    And Savitar gets out and the first thing he does is to let the Flash live so he can "Suffer". LoL yeah right. More like so you can give them enough time to figure out how to defeat you? Just lame generic excuses.

    This Season of the Flash is every bit as bad as Seasons 3 and 4 of Arrow. The CW clearly has no idea how to do a good Season 3?

    I think both Arrow and Legends have been so much better than the Flash this year? It's not even close.
  • Re: TV News: Arrow

    Arrow has been really good this season. IMO at least as good as Season 1. The worst episode this season has been OK and that's pretty good.

    S5 Ep9 Spoilers.

    Episode 9 was really good. I'm not completely sold that Prometheus is this Claiborne's guy's kid? Prometheus pulling the V For Vendetta move was smart.

    I always have a problem believing that someone can take Ollie One on One. Because he beat both Deathstroke and Ra's in One on One fights. If he could beat them than there is no one he can't beat.

    And that ending is like WTF?????? Maybe it's the Earth 2 Laurel? And she either escaped the Flash Jail? Or Flashpoint made it to where they didn't catch her and she's stranded on Earth 1? Or Flashpoint somehow changed it to where she didn't die?