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  • Re: TV News: Flash

    Spoilers for the most recent episode. Savitar's Identity Revealed.

    I'm indifferent right now how I feel about it? I do think it was an exciting reveal, and made more excited about Savitar then I was the entire season. Before I judge it, It will depend on why and how Barry becomes Savitar? And why he wants to murder Iris?

    But I feel like their will be no real explanation as to how or why the first Barry to become Savitar kills Iris. Because obviously that Barry's Iris wouldn't have died at the hands of Savitar. I have a terrible feeling their just going to say "Time Paradox" there is no beginning and move on.

    Which I absolutely hate and why I dislike Time Travel, especially since they've already done a giant Paradox earlier this season. Which I hated and started me off on the wrong foot with this season.

    Of course the Barry we saw in the future will keep spiraling and eventually become Savitar. And probably the Barry from 2056 who gave the Legends a message is the Barry right before he becomes Savitar. Because in the message he says don't trust anyone including himself.

    I think there is some kind of plan that Savitar has in mind to some how have Barry eventually beat him? But to what end?

    It's so freaking complicated, I just don't see a way they can make this turn out good? Especially imo how terrible the show has been written this season.

    But one thing I do feel better about is how Barry hasn't been much of a Hero this season. That was clearly an attentional choice. The start of the path that leads him into becoming Savitar.
  • Re: TV News: Flash

    I am not currently watching the show. Why are any of you? From the last few months of this thread, it seems that nobody here really likes it anymore.
    Because of Arrow. Arrow had the same thing happen and now it's really good again. This Season of Arrow is definitely better than Season 1. And we'll see be the end if it can be as good as S2?

    And the Flash there are still parts of it that are good. But the bad stuff is so bad that it overshadows the good stuff like with Season 3 of Arrow.

    The relationship stuff is the big one. But also there are just to many characters on this show. I think they need Caitlyn to become Killer Frost and leave the show for awhile? I wish there was a Teen Titans show so Wally could go there.
  • Re: On Having to Pre-Order Comics to Save Them (or "Die Industry, Die!")

    The thing I think that makes Manga maybe more accessible than Marvel or DC, is for the most part whatever series your reading in Manga is it. You don't need to keep up with with some other series to get the story you want.

    And you don't ever have to worry about some giant crossover where you need to get multiple books.

    Also another reason is that a Manga series for the most part the story has a beginning and a end.

    Top 5 Manga Volume Sales 1st half of 2016.
    1. One Piece 6.5 Million,
    2. Assassination Classroom 4.4 Million,
    3. Attack On Titan 4.3 Million,
    4. Haikyu 4 Million,
    5. Kingdom 3.5 Million

    And side note at least 4 of these 5 series are really good. Never read Assassination Classroom so I can't say if it's good or not?

    Kingdom is amazing you will look at that art and will be amazed when you realize this is a weekly series.
  • Re: TV News: Flash

    After this episode I'm positive that the Velocity 6 created Zoom. We see this girl has a split personality while taking it I'm betting Jay had one to and it somehow actually split from him and that's why he was dying because he's missing a part of himself.
  • Re: Jessica Jones on Netflix - Spoilers. Please label spoiler posts by episode.

    Episode 13.

    I finished and I thought it was really good but there where a few things that made it not as good as DD to me.

    The Carrie-Ann Moss character was good but her whole side plot involving her currently divorcing wife and fiancee wasn't very good imo. I thought it was a very forced storyline and I didn't give a you know what about it.

    And there where a few episodes towards the end where it felt like they where just stalling time until the Finale.

    And one thing hated is that they never called him Purple Man just like Kingpin in DD.

    But still overall really good and it has me looking forward to the other shows.