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  • Re: Episode 1667 Talkback - Spotlight on Jack 'King' Kirby, Part Two

    nweathington said,
    you will love The Prisoner. It’s one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I made my son watch it this summer, and he dug it too.
    I was 10 yrs old when that began its US run and I still have occasional nightmares about being chased down by a relentless, sentient, big bubblegum bubble!
  • Re: Jack "King" Kirby - Appreciation Thread | Celebrating his 100th Birthday

    (I am reminded a bit of Frank Hampson's Dan Dare- which was essentially a weekly strip- at least in tone.)
    That’s a reasonable comparison, though Sky Masters is much more grounded than “Dan Dare”.
    "grounded" ...and they're both about man in space! LOL! (I'm easily amused). I look forward to reading this. Obviously I love the sci-fi of that time- esp the fifties era sci-fi pulps (Galaxy, Worlds of If, etal).
  • Re: Jack "King" Kirby - Appreciation Thread | Celebrating his 100th Birthday

    TheOriginalGMan said:
    I feel kind of guilty saying this ... but I've never been a fan of Jack Kirby's art.
    Completely subjective, of course, but in this excellent documentary Neal Adams, Jim Lee and other legends talk about their journey from quizzical disdain to qualified appreciation to outright awe of Jack Kirby's art- only Simonson and Barry Windsor-Smith seemed to 'get' the genius straight away!
    ...and here I thought that I was the only one!

    Kirby possessed MAGIC GOGGLES- a portal to a four color alternative reality replete with alien anatomy and perspective which allowed for more strrreeeetch and POP (!) than this world does. Jack also had a MAGIC PENCIL so he could create a verisimilitude of that other world that somehow remained confined to the paper though it strained mightily to break through into our reality.

    Johnny Romita Sr. said, "You could draw like Jack but you couldn't think
    like Jack!"

    When I was ten I considered myself an 'expert' on comic book art and Kirby was favorite artist. By the time I was a skinny twelve year old desperately trying to build biceps in my garage I was also a self certified 'expert' on anatomy and Newtonian physics. And so, demanding 'realism', I haughtily disdained Kirby's "sausage people" with their five triceps heads and six quadriceps. My new favorites were John Buscema and Neal Adams. (Whom I still love to this day, of course.)

    I don't know when it happened exactly- late Jr HS (?). As I remember it, I was reading a back issue of FF one day when Ben Grimm simply reached out of a panel grabbed me by my pencil neck and pulled me into the page! I 'got' Kirby (again) just as years later I would finally 'get' Van Gogh.
  • Re: Spider-Man: Homecoming (spoilers)-- Seen it? Discuss it here.

    I missed that! I was either out for a quick pee or- more likely- it flew past me while I was busy grousing about all the stuff I didn't like. Okay: 6.59 stars.