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  • Re: Episode 1667 Talkback - Spotlight on Jack 'King' Kirby, Part Two

    This episode was well worth the wait! I was in great anticipation and kept checking for part two every evening after studying and my wife (who is finally appreciating comics after 26 years of being married to a nerd) was quite as excited as I was when I told her it was here. We cancelled OTR, gathered some snacks, and made a night of it! Very informative- learned some things I didn't know. BTW: I sang along with Magneto and Titanium man but I only managed to embarrass my wife and the cat. Thanks guys!
  • Re: Episode 1667 Talkback - Spotlight on Jack 'King' Kirby, Part Two

    nweathington said,
    you will love The Prisoner. It’s one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I made my son watch it this summer, and he dug it too.
    I was 10 yrs old when that began its US run and I still have occasional nightmares about being chased down by a relentless, sentient, big bubblegum bubble!
  • Re: Jack "King" Kirby - Appreciation Thread | Celebrating his 100th Birthday

    When Stan wuz da MAN and Jack was KING.

    When I was just small and the WORLD was BIG,
    Jack said “Hey you! Hey listen up kid.
    The future’s not scripted yet, penciled or inked,
    It’s all waiting on you- so what do ya think?
    In a four color universe you can be anything-
    So work hard. Stand your ground. Do the right thing.
    You could even be a hero (if you're willing to dare)
    And when you’re a hero it’s OK to be scared.”
    (well.. sometimes anyway)

    Now the panels and pages and issues have flown,
    The newsprint has faded. The boy is long grown.
    Many battles he’s fought- won more than a few-
    Oh sure..
    He’s a bit slower now - ‘cuz he’s lost some too.

    There come moments when he can feel it just as it was
    (for a dime)
    ‘nuff said! Excelsior! Its CLOBBERIN’ time!
    When Atlanteans ruled the deep and aliens surfed the air!
    “FOR ASGARD! Cap! Shell Head! If I could just go back there!
    Cranky green monster. Whimsical ol’ Ben.
    Man how I wish that I was small once again!”
    And he does go back sometimes - but he knows he can’t stay-
    Because this world, too, has its Goblins to slay.

    But on this day- the man smiles and goes back,
    It’s the KING’s 100th birthday…