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  • Binding the Bat

    Finally getting around to binding some more stuff.

    Looking for some feedback/help on mapping some Bat books...looking at you @Matt

    Are there any "markers" in these titles to tell where they may relate to other series?
    I'm not caught up on my reading but where would these book fit in relation to one another or with Batman and Robin Eternal? (For example a recent issue of Robin has him in Gotham which I can segue into his appearance in B&R Eternal.)

    We are Robin

    I know about the Robin War crossover...Is We are Robin even worth binding? I don't think I've read more than the first issue.
  • Re: Episode 1547 Talkback - Spotlight on the Fantastic Four in the John Byrne Era

    Damn did @brydeemer call it!

    BELOW ID the living moon!
  • Re: Hey, hey it's the X-Men! An X-Men discussion thread

    All-New and Uncanny are Bendis. X-Men has changed writers twice and G. Willow Wilson is only signed on for four books. That's a problem for a book that's only on issue #23, especially one with as diverse a cast as X-Men. Amazing started with Jason Aaron, then went to Kyle & Yost. Wolverine & The X-Men began with Jason Latour with it's final issue being an AXIS tie-in written by Frank Tieri. Nightcrawler's a Claremont book. Storm is Greg Pak. Cyclops started with Greg Rucka then switched after five issues to John Layman. Wolverines is written by Charles Soule. Uncanny Avengers is Rick Remender. Spider-Man And The X-Men is Elliot Kalan. And before it got cancelled All-New X-Factor was Peter David....

    (After re-reading my post I realized I went on a rant for a little while... sorry. What can I say, I'm passionate about my X-Men.)

    The second volume of Wolverine and the X-Men started out average and slipped into terrible territory so quickly. What's more insulting is when we the artist on a book gets worse and worse as the series continues on. They hook you with a great artist then slowly keep dropping the quality of the artist on the book. WatX was getting top notch artists under Aaron and we even got Mahmud A. Asrar in Latour's run


    but then it switches to Jorge Fornes?


    This certainly doesn't help a title especially when the writing isn't strong enough to hold the book up. Then a must read book like WatX under Aaron moves to the bottom of the pile under Latour.

    Look at Amazing X-Men, we went from Ed McGuinness to Carlo Barberi to Jorge Fornes.

    X-Men, Olivier Coipel! (whom I love!), Terry Dodson, Kris Anka, Clay Mann & Philippe Briones, Harvey Tolibao & Dexter Soy.

    To me it does seem like the Avengers books get priority over the X-Books with artists. Bendis' books have been pretty stable but it really hurt me when Stuart Immonen left for Captain America. (Thank god Bachelo loves the X-Men so much he didn't want to leave when offered other books.)

    I was so happy and surprised when Bendis came to the X-Books because it always seemed like they grew the writing talent in the X-Books then "graduated" them to the Avengers. (Of course there is a strong possibility it could just be the writer's choice.)

    Uncanny X-Men writer history:
    Brubaker...dipped his toe in the X-Universe and decided to keep writing Cap
    Fraction - Uncanny X (well upon researching he did start Iron Man two months before Uncanny) > Iron Man, Mighty Thor, Hawkeye
    Gillen - Uncanny X > Thor, JiM, Young Avengers

    X-Men/X-Men Legacy
    Mike Carey (X-Men/X-Men Legacy) had a long run...wouldn't mind getting him back.
    Victor Gischler (X-Men)
    Brian Wood (X-Men)
    G Willow Wilson (X-Men) > A-Force (Avengers Force)
    Simon Spurrier (X-Men Legacy)

    Kyle and Yost- X-Force > both of whom I'm surprised haven't written an Avengers book (loved them)
    Rick Remender- Uncanny X-Force > Uncanny Avengers (vol 1 heavily x-related...vol 2 seems to be more Avengers-ish)
    Sam Humphries- Uncanny X-Force > Avengers AI, Legendary Star-Lord
    Dennis Hopeless- Cable and X-Force/Avengers Arena (same time)> Avengers Undercover, Spider-Woman
    Simon Spurrier- X-Force

    Amazing X-Men
    Aaron - Wolverine (very long run) > Hulk, Thor God of Thunder and a bunch of other stuff
    Kyle and Yost - whom I love but they're hamstringing them with the artists

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Aaron - Wolverine (very long run), WatX > Hulk, Thor God of Thunder and bunch of of other stuff
    Elliot Kalan (Spider-Man and the X-Men)

    All New X-Men

    Besides Bendis we haven't seen a big move up in writers. I'm really curious to see who we'll get next to lead the X-Titles. Will it be a big name or another up and comer who'll get scalped for the Avengers or another title?

    I will say I'm surprised with Wolverines. Charles Soule is bringing it but a weekly book at $3.99 with a constantly rotating crew of artists with varying quality hurts the book...hell give him a shot at leading the franchise. Maybe that's why he's exclusive to Marvel but I can see him taking Daredevil more than an X-book.

    Again sorry for the long rant...

    ...I think we would all agree that the franchise simply needs to be streamlined. Whether that will ever happen, who knows? Marvel's done it before with Spider-Man and it seemed successful. Then again, Spider-Man's only one character, so it's not difficult to limit the number of monthlies he's appearing in.
    Yes, the line does need to be streamlined because the quality of the books vary greatly and the same characters are sometimes on multiple teams. It's been worse but what we have right now isn't so bad.

    Team books
    All New X-Men
    Uncanny X-Men
    Amazing X-Men
    Spider-Man and the X-Men
    All New X-Factor- cancelled

    Pare it down to 5 books. Two to lead the franchise (All New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men), one about the kids (Spider-Man & or go back to New X-Men: Academy X), one easily accessible or continuity free where the writer could just tell fun stories; also where we can see members that are on other teams (Amazing X-Men or X-Men) and one fringe title (X-Force or X-Factor). Or make it two fringe titles and make one of the lead franchise books about the kids.

    Oh and we've also got solo titles...
    Magneto -such a great book
    Storm -another great book

    Not sure what to do about those. Maybe two titles of rotating minis that expand on characters. 7 books compared to the 10-12 that we usually get. I'm expecting that after Secret Wars we'll get a more streamlined well defined line like they did when Joe Q took over Marvel years ago.
  • Re: CGS Presents: Murd's Time Bubble - The Twenty-Third Time Talkback

    Oh was I ever surprised to hear Murd talk about the Exiles! I used to LOVE this book. As of right now the only story that stands out in my mind is 'With an Iron Fist'. It was a Iron Man and Inhumans story...sooo good. I may have to go and re-read my trades. Coming out of Age of Apocalypse Blink was my favorite character. I felt weirdly satisfied when she showed up in the Days of Future Past movie...I used to have a Joe Mad Wizard mini poster of her up in my college dorm and used to have to explain to everyone who she was. I still like the character and the 616 version has since returned.

    I'm currently at work and Murd is working his way through X-Force. Keep reading Murd, the book gets so much better and eventually Xavier guest stars when the Orphan shows up. I don't know if it's nostalgia but I remember those being some great comics. You're really taking me back.

    ...I had something else to add but I can't remember...I'll be back.
  • Re: The Daily "MOHOTMU"

    Mic drop