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  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    I am absolutely loving this ominous "Darkseid Is" refrain. From what I've heard King say at con panels, he was chatting with some uber fan of Kirby's Fourth World, trying to get research out of him for this (then still in the early works) series, and the fan would continually wax on about Darkseid, smiling while saying "Darkseid just... is, man. Darkseid IS! You know?!" Whenever King related this at Comic-Con, crowds would laugh, partly in confusion. I'm taking it as a proposed measure of Darkseid's omnipotence. Part of it is that it's like saying "evil is." I mean, if something's truly evil, why bothering comparing it to anything? It is just... is. That's the respect you have to give it. Or at least, to the omnipotence of the idea of Darkseid to relevant characters in the DCU. There's the guy himself, what he can do - but there's also what he and his pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation represents.
    The undefeatable, oncoming threat.
    The paranoia of a power which forever corrupts, and may be corrupting our existence right now, without us realizing it.
    In other words... death.
    And an opposite of death? Is a Miracle.
  • Re: Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    Aha! So THIS is where people have been (or at least were) discussing "Star Trek: Discovery!" I was wondering where the thread was. Especially after last night's episode, which featured a very interesting computer screen list AND what I believe is the first use of the F-word in official Star Trek history.
  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    Holy cow, I seriously cannot believe a "Blade Runner" sequel is now in my *past* :joy: The world feels like it can go in any direction now, really. Will Pants be president one day? Will Murd buy a blu-ray player? Will Chris change his name to Carol Danvers and start wearing a hip sash. Truly, now that this movie is here, anything can happen.

    And I am equally in disbelief that... (gasp) I loved this sequel! Is it perfect? Noooo. It's about 30 minutes too long Lol, and I've got a few other problems with it. BUT by no means do my problems wreck how interesting, mesmerizing, and impressive I found this fucking sequel-which-I-have-been-dreading-like-the-plague-for-decades to be.

    I am SO relieved it does not suck the high hard one.

    Okay, now all of you need to see it so we can rip apart this awesome, beautiful movie for the next 50 years :smiley:
  • Re: Marvel's Inhumans TV Series | Official Thread

    Yes, there was a lot wrong with this 2 hour pilot (mostly from the 45 minute mark onward) but there was also a lot right with it. If I had autonomous control over Rotten Tomatoes, I'd put "Marvel's The Inhumans" at 72%. A good writing team could quickly and easily improve this show with the ingredients we've been given here.
  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    I've got my tickets! - am seeing it Friday morning of next weekend - with my dad, who took me to see the original back in the day lol. BR's been a favorite of my whole family for all these years so it seemed stupid for me to see it with anyone else.