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  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    I saw it tonight and a huge screen with a kick-ass sound system. As an added bonus my local theater had promotional offers running, so for all of 13 bucks I got admission (8pm showing no less), popcorn, a drink, and a pizza.
    No fair! I paid $17 to see it at 11:30am last Friday, and all I got besides the movie was a lousy parking validation. :joy: Something tells me you do not live in L.A. lol

    BUT I am happy to hear you liked it. Now that we're a few days into its release and people have heard how it underperformed at the box office, I know so many people who are in attack mode. And I'm like "hey, the first film bombed at the box office, and 35 years of your criticisms did nothing to tarnish its brilliance- take your best shot."
  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    I am absolutely loving this ominous "Darkseid Is" refrain. From what I've heard King say at con panels, he was chatting with some uber fan of Kirby's Fourth World, trying to get research out of him for this (then still in the early works) series, and the fan would continually wax on about Darkseid, smiling while saying "Darkseid just... is, man. Darkseid IS! You know?!" Whenever King related this at Comic-Con, crowds would laugh, partly in confusion. I'm taking it as a proposed measure of Darkseid's omnipotence. Part of it is that it's like saying "evil is." I mean, if something's truly evil, why bothering comparing it to anything? It is just... is. That's the respect you have to give it. Or at least, to the omnipotence of the idea of Darkseid to relevant characters in the DCU. There's the guy himself, what he can do - but there's also what he and his pursuit of the Anti-Life Equation represents.
    The undefeatable, oncoming threat.
    The paranoia of a power which forever corrupts, and may be corrupting our existence right now, without us realizing it.
    In other words... death.
    And an opposite of death? Is a Miracle.
  • Re: Marvel's Inhumans TV Series | Official Thread

    Yes, there was a lot wrong with this 2 hour pilot (mostly from the 45 minute mark onward) but there was also a lot right with it. If I had autonomous control over Rotten Tomatoes, I'd put "Marvel's The Inhumans" at 72%. A good writing team could quickly and easily improve this show with the ingredients we've been given here.
  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    Am guessing that Iraq War veteran Tom King's witnessing of PTSD cases (and perhaps even personal suffering from it) is fueling much if not all of Scott Free's perspective in this comic series, just as Kirby's own wartime experience fueled much of his work. The residual trauma we're seeing here, of people like Scott and Barda forced to grow up in the hellish environment of Apokolips, under the direct abuse of people like Darkseid and Granny Goodness - which even seemed to reverberate into the behavior of those like Orion - appears to be consuming Scott from the inside out. At least Barda was born into it; Scott spent his first boyhood years in the relative heaven of New Genesis before being "traded" like property to Apokolips.
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    I'd been interested in checking out Black Mask Studios' CALEXIT #1 (w: Pizzolo; a: Nahuelpan) since it was announced months ago. Yes it sounded a bit gimmicky, as if it were merely capitalizing on our loud, recent mess of an election, but I still thought it'd be worth checking out. When it didn't make its planned June release, I grew skeptical. Maybe it was greenlit prematurely? Maybe it was just a publicity ploy for the indy publisher? But the book finally dropped this week - and wow. CALEXIT is the real deal! An imaginative alternate reality (or potential reality) inspired by current politics, with fascinating characters, lots of action, cool artwork, and thoughtful backmatter articles underscoring how this comic book is no gimmick. Its creators have given lots of thought to the nuts and bolts of what's going on in our country. And in their setting of a secessionist California, they've mined it for great entertainment and social commentary.