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  • Doomsday Clock! What do you think so far? (SPOILERS)

    Didn't see any threads already created for this, and since it's a 12-part event, I thought I'd open one up.

    I thought issue #1 was quite intriguing, and I'm excited to see where this is going. But this chapter also felt decompressed. I hope future ones read tighter.

    I have zero hypotheses for who this new Rorschach is. Has there been anything during these Rebirth months to give anyone a clue? Maybe it's someone we've never met. Maybe we'll never(ish) even find out this one's identity. Hurm.

    Johns' creation of these new characters Mime and Marionette is equally interesting. Like Moore's original main characters, these two are patterned after Charlton Comics ones. (While DC acquired Charlton's in 1983, it didn't let Moore use them for Watchmen, asking him to create his own analogues instead.) The weird thing is, Mime's and Marionette's obscure antecedents - Charlton's Punch and Jewelee - were themselves recently used in Tom King's Batman title. That can't be coincidence. What a multiversal amuse-bouche! I just wonder what it is about Marionette - and not Mime - which Adrian Veidt feels is so important for allowing him to find Dr. Manhattan.

    And while I liked the Superman stuff to close the issue, his final line about never having had a nightmare before seemed pushing it lol. Dramatic, yeah. But come on. Clark has nightmares.

    What did you think of Doomsday Clock #1?
  • Re: Episode 1675 Talkback - Justice League Movie Review

    Great podcast! - and such a relief. As someone who loved this movie, it's bummed me out to hear some of the reviewers I care about utterly trash it lol. So hearing you guys say you enjoyed it (well except for @Pants) made this especially fun for me.

    As for that opening scene, I felt it was there to do two things. Firstly, it's to show audiences right from the get-go that this Superman is not the Superman from recent DCEU films. This Superman is brighter, cheerier and more inspirational, more akin to his comic book roots; in other words, this is a person this world would indeed mourn and miss, versus the alien who so suddenly brought mayhem, destruction, confusion and fear into our existence. Secondly, the scene's conclusion - at least as far as I saw it - is meant to knock us in the gut. For just when we're smiling that this is the Supes we know and love, and those friendly podcasters ask him what he likes best about the world, and he's pausing so long because you can see that he loves so many things that he's finding it tough to pick just one-- he's bluntly cut off, and it smashes to black, reminding us that this super man who loved us so much is now dead.

    It's an obvious Whedon reshoot, as the scene's sentimental tone and Cavill's CGI'd upper lip seem to give away. But I think it was an excellent choice to set up this film. We need to feel what the world feels here, and certainly what the other five heroes of this story will come to feel: that we need Superman. It helps to justify the crazy risk that the rest of this new Justice League will take to bring back Earth's most powerful hero.
  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    I keep thinking about more subtleties from this issue's dialogue which underscore the notion that what we're seeing is at least a somewhat disingenuous account of reality, as seen through a shifting filter, and/or that it is all some kind of post-suicide Purgatory.

    For example, it strikes me as odd when Barda and Orion, out of frustration or surprise, casually exclaim "Jesus." I mean I know they've spent time on our world, and in this title in general, these characters are portrayed a lot like us in personality. But still... saying "Jesus," especially like that... that's just a really weird thing for new gods from other planets to say.

    Also (and this was first brought to my attention on another podcast), Orion states upon his arrival in this issue that "We are here to decide [Scott's] life." Then later on, Orion says to Scott "Hate made you kill yourself." Not "attempt to kill" - just kill.

    Could the TV screen disturbance effect be signaling shifts in narrative perspective? 1st person to 2nd person to 3rd person, to 3rd person omniscient? Hurm...
  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    Agreed - if Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack were a person, I'd marry it and/or spend my life in service to it! lol


    On an interesting trivia note, K is renamed "Joe" by the Joi character, and the Biblical Rachel's son was... (wait for it)... Joseph :) Also, one of the aspects of Joseph's Bible story is that he was a dreamer, one who was severely punished for his dreams. Sounds about right for our dear K.
  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    I saw it tonight and a huge screen with a kick-ass sound system. As an added bonus my local theater had promotional offers running, so for all of 13 bucks I got admission (8pm showing no less), popcorn, a drink, and a pizza.
    No fair! I paid $17 to see it at 11:30am last Friday, and all I got besides the movie was a lousy parking validation. :joy: Something tells me you do not live in L.A. lol

    BUT I am happy to hear you liked it. Now that we're a few days into its release and people have heard how it underperformed at the box office, I know so many people who are in attack mode. And I'm like "hey, the first film bombed at the box office, and 35 years of your criticisms did nothing to tarnish its brilliance- take your best shot."