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  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    I'm a bit behind on this one, but I just read The Kamandi Challenge #9 by Tom King and Kevin Eastman (yes, his DC interior art debut!), and it might be my contender for the CGS Awards' One-Shot of the Year. Eastman's art is spectacular, unique in its detailed, grey-scaled glory. The whole issue takes place inside a dank, mysterious cave, but Eastman's characterizations (everything from the cute to the terrifying) keep you enthralled. And King once again shows he's a master at creating immediate drama and then building and building it with every beat, all within a macro message - in this case, a dedication to Kamandi-creator Jack Kirby's own inspiration. The Kamandi Challenge #9 is easily the best issue of this noble experiment of a title, and it's certainly one of the best single issues I've read this year.
  • Doomsday Clock! What do you think so far? (SPOILERS)

    Didn't see any threads already created for this, and since it's a 12-part event, I thought I'd open one up.

    I thought issue #1 was quite intriguing, and I'm excited to see where this is going. But this chapter also felt decompressed. I hope future ones read tighter.

    I have zero hypotheses for who this new Rorschach is. Has there been anything during these Rebirth months to give anyone a clue? Maybe it's someone we've never met. Maybe we'll never(ish) even find out this one's identity. Hurm.

    Johns' creation of these new characters Mime and Marionette is equally interesting. Like Moore's original main characters, these two are patterned after Charlton Comics ones. (While DC acquired Charlton's in 1983, it didn't let Moore use them for Watchmen, asking him to create his own analogues instead.) The weird thing is, Mime's and Marionette's obscure antecedents - Charlton's Punch and Jewelee - were themselves recently used in Tom King's Batman title. That can't be coincidence. What a multiversal amuse-bouche! I just wonder what it is about Marionette - and not Mime - which Adrian Veidt feels is so important for allowing him to find Dr. Manhattan.

    And while I liked the Superman stuff to close the issue, his final line about never having had a nightmare before seemed pushing it lol. Dramatic, yeah. But come on. Clark has nightmares.

    What did you think of Doomsday Clock #1?
  • Re: Justice League: Spoiler Discussion - Spoil and Discuss Away!

    Are Atlanteans unable to talk under water in this?
    Do we know what Batman's nightmare in Batman V Superman was about now?
    Was there ever any explanation why The Flash went back in time in Batman V Superman to warn Batman?
    a. Apparently so (thank God). Mera creates an undersea bubble in which she and Arthur can speak during their battle with Steppenwolf. I don't know if that's how James Wan will have Atlanteans communicate in "Aquaman" or if he'll figure something else out, like Arthur learning telepathy or whatever.

    b. We always knew it was not so much a random nightmare but a "premonition" about Darkseid's coming conquest of Earth. However...

    c. ...there is nothing in "Justice League" which references Barry going back in time to appear in BvS. Maybe it was a Barry from an alternate timeline in which Steppenwolf was not defeated in "Justice League," thus Earth had fallen to Apokolips?
  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    I have been loving reading this thread! Am learning so much about Kirby, Mr. Miracle, and of course all of you guys
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Read MISTER MIRACLE #3, which continues to impress and enthrall me, even though it's one bleak and paranoid motherfracker of a comic book. Part of me would love for DC (once this title concludes) to hand over all of the Fourth World to King/Gerads, to let them expand on Kirby's tools and ideas even more - but part of me worries I'd need a steady dose of lithium to get through that :joy: