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  • Re: The Inescapable... MISTER MIRACLE Thread!!! (Also, to know them is to hate them--SPOILERS!)

    Great insights, @nweathington. I am torn between continuing to make you spoonfeed me all the relevant Kirby beats from his original run, and reading it myself. :joy: The more you post, the more it sounds like Tom King is indeed mirroring many specifics from Kirby's issues.
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Read MISTER MIRACLE #3, which continues to impress and enthrall me, even though it's one bleak and paranoid motherfracker of a comic book. Part of me would love for DC (once this title concludes) to hand over all of the Fourth World to King/Gerads, to let them expand on Kirby's tools and ideas even more - but part of me worries I'd need a steady dose of lithium to get through that :joy:
  • Re: Harrison Ford to [appear] in {completely unnecessary?} Blade Runner Sequel

    I saw it tonight and a huge screen with a kick-ass sound system. As an added bonus my local theater had promotional offers running, so for all of 13 bucks I got admission (8pm showing no less), popcorn, a drink, and a pizza.
    No fair! I paid $17 to see it at 11:30am last Friday, and all I got besides the movie was a lousy parking validation. :joy: Something tells me you do not live in L.A. lol

    BUT I am happy to hear you liked it. Now that we're a few days into its release and people have heard how it underperformed at the box office, I know so many people who are in attack mode. And I'm like "hey, the first film bombed at the box office, and 35 years of your criticisms did nothing to tarnish its brilliance- take your best shot."
  • Re: Justice League Movie | News and Speculation

    I wonder if, instead of trying to make traditional movies with their hero teams, WB/DC is like... "okay, our gaming titles are the most successful properties we've got, let's just make videogame movies."
  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Do we see a potential starring role in 'Starlight' for Mr. Jones?

    YES PLEASE!!! That casting would be perfecto, 100% inspired!

    I saw Mr. Sam J. Jones at this year's WonderCon, sitting alone at his signing booth with no one around. I have worshipped 1980's "Flash Gordon" since it came out, so even though I usually don't approach actors in the wild, I nutted up, made my way over, and shook his hand / thanked him for his work / called him an American treasure / etc. He was supercool and still huge and muscular - he could easily tackle a STARLIGHT film!

    [POST SCRIPT: A couple months later, I read a story about how he'd attended another con where he got into a scuffle with Lou Ferrigno. Some passer-by intervened and stopped their fight before it could escalate, but I'd easily have rooted for Sam over Lou, whom I hear is quite a jerk. Flash! - Ahhhhh!!!!!!]