Crisis Tapes 16 Talkback: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4, Part 1

As Peter and Adam resume their riotous rundown of Crisis with issue #4, time is running out for Earth-1 and Earth-2, and it's already run out for Earth-6! Firestorm and Killer Frost face chaos in Camelot, Supergirl and Red Tornado make their grand entrances into the story destined to change them forever, and the heroes of Earth-1 witness the illuminating introduction of the new Doctor Light! (2:43:43)

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    That's awful, @Pants. Had no idea.
  • Another Crisis Tapes?! Wahoo!! In honor of, and to participate in these episodes, I bought the full run of Crisis at Wild Pig Comics (RIP) several years ago...and now I can read issue #4!!
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    Re: the footnotes to “see this issue”, Crisis crossovers were completely optional, left up to the respective creative teams as to whether they would cooperate or not. While Marv was hoping everyone would jump on board and participate, initially no one was interested in doing so. Eventually most of the other creators decided to play along, but that's why it took so long for other “see this issue” footnotes to show up.

    As for Lady Quark, the real answer as to her creation was simply that Marv wanted to create a new character for the new universe that was to come out of Crisis. He created Kole specifically to die in Crisis, and Lady Quark to live after Crisis. That’s the only real reason for her relatively elaborate set-up. The problem was no one picked up the ball (Lady Quark) and ran with it post-Crisis.

    As for Dr. Light, Marv said in a 1983 interview (Comics Journal #80) that he was thinking of killing off Dr. Light and replacing him with a woman. Crisis gave him the excuse to more or less do that.
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    Yay, the Crisis Tapes Return! I was really surprised and happy when this episode popped up in my iTunes queue! Unfortunately, I'll have to listen to it again as I was tired after coming home from work and feel asleep somewhere after you guys finished talking about page 2 or so. LOL! Anyway, thanks Murd and Peter for commenting on my comment about Supergirl. Yeah, I suppose she IS definitely more of a Superman family member than a Legion member. As for Batgirl and Supergirl meeting and talking or whatever, I fondly remember a couple of issues of World's Finest where (though they certainly were in the backseat compared to Superman or Batman) they seemed to know each other fairly well. Off the top of my head, World's Finest #176 (August 1968) pops into mind. Drawn by Neal Adams! How well they knew each other may be an assumption on my part. Probably when I was a kid, I thought all the super heroes knew each other!
  • Gentlemen!

    Thank you for another great Crisis Tapes episode. Really enjoyed it. Because of the way I listen to these longer episodes (broken up, over the course of a few days), I rarely find myself with much specific to say. But it always gets me thinking I need to go back and re-read Crisis again (even though I did re-read it earlier this year).

    That (little bit) said, when you were discussing the spectation (great word, Murd!) on the page where Alexander Luthor was watching Harbinger was watching the Monitor, et al, I immediately thought of the image below, since I did just finish re-reading Grant Morrison's Animal Man run.


    Looking forward to the rest of issue #4. Thanks again, Peter & Adam.

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