The 2017 Reading Thread - THE ULTIMATE EDITION - October

I'm doing terrible about logging everything I've read this year. Either the shine's off the apple or all the craziness of the past summer really caught up to me. Either way I'm happy the rest of you still are enjoying doing this.

Rules are simple: Log everything you've read this year. Just edit your existing post or you (and we) will get confused trying to keep up. Bold the stuff you really dig. At the end of each month I'll start a new thread and you can pick a "winner" from your favorite books. You can focus on just trades (which is usually what I do), or just write about the good stuff you've read, or go completely nuts (like I plan to this year) and log EVERYTHING you read.

January Lists:
February Lists:
March Lists:
April Lists:
May Lists:
June Lists:
July Lists:
August Lists:
September Lists:


  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,642
    edited October 3
    January Winner: Sensational She-Hulk: The Return (Marvel)
    February Winner: Vampirella Masters Vol. 1: Morrison & Millar (TPB)(Dynamite)
    March Winner: Holy Corpse Rising Vol. 2 (Seven Seas) (Manga)
    April Winner: Supergirl Vol. 2 (Peter David Run) (DC)
    May Winner: Motor Girl Vol. 1 (Abrstract)
    June Winner: Delicious in Dungeon Vol. 1 (Manga)
    July Winner: Hawkworld (TPB) (DC)
    August Winner: Daring New Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 2 (DC)
    September Winner: Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen (Quirk Books)*

    October Books:
    Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (DC)
    Suicide Squad Vol. 3: Bringing Down the Wall (DC)
    Sithrah Vol. 3 (Indie)

    * Technically not a "comic" but instead a book about them. Still, it's a great book you should all look into picking up.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 3,129
    edited October 17
    October Screams-While- Baby-Dreams Edition
    TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo HC - what a great crossover. I've always loved this connection and am so pleased with spending the extra money getting the hardcover
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,310
    edited October 8
    January winner: Doctor Strange: The Oath.
    February winner: Aquaman vol. 8
    March winner: X-O Manowar #1
    April winner: Doctor Strange
    May winner: Ninjak - Matt Kindt has delivered another great Valiant series here
    June winner: AD: After Death
    July winner: Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill tpb
    August winner: Britannia: We who are about to die
    September winner: Saga #46

    October books...

    Fairy Tail vol.31
  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 5,083
    edited 3:50AM
    January Winner: Ether #2-3
    February Winner: Dept. H #1-11
    March Winner: Royal City #1
    April Winner: Royal City #2
    May Winner: Paper Girls #6-14
    June Winner: Moon Knight #11-14
    July Winner: Saga vol. 3-7 TP
    August Winner: Silver Surfer #3-13
    September Winner: Astro City #35-46

    October Books:
    Augustlands #7-14
    Black Cloud #5
    Black Hammer #7-10
    The Family Trade #1
    Fu Jitsu #1
    Mister Miracle #3
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