Your top 10 DC movies

Hi guys,
I'm kinda new here, so how about we break some ice.
Let's share our top 10 DC movies. I'll go first
1. The Dark Knight
2. The Dark Knight rises
3. A history of violence
4. Man of Steel
5. V for Vendetta
6. Bvs
7. Superman returns
8. Wonder Woman
9. Watchmen
10. Superman


  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 3,097
    edited August 23
    I'll play. I'm going to include the cartoons not just live action

    Superman 2
    Dark Knight
    Batman 66
    Justice League New Frontier
    Batman Mask of the Phantasm
    Batman Dark Knight Returns parts 1&2
    Batman Beyond Return of the Joker
    The Losers
    Batman Lego movie

    If you tell Lego movie counts I will take Dark Knight off right now.
  • BrackBrack Posts: 508
    1. A History Of Violence
    2. Batman (1966)
    3. The Lego Movie
    4. Lego Batman
    5. Road to Perdition
    6. Batman Returns
    7. Batman (1989)
    8. Dark Knight
    9. Dark Knight Rises
    10. Batman Begins
  • TheOriginalGManTheOriginalGMan Posts: 1,584
    This one was especially tough for me. Frankly, I haven't liked the vast majority of DC movies, including the last 2 Nolan Batman ones (*ducks*):

    1) Watchmen
    2) Batman Begins
    3) Wonder Woman
    4) Suicide Squad
    5) Batman: Year One
    6) Man of Steel
    7) Batman vs Superman
    8) Batman (1989)
    9) Batman (1966)
    10) Road to Perdition

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